In Elected Office

Britnee Timberlake—State Assembly, District 34 (Class of 2014)
Sadaf Jaffer— Mayor, Montgomery Township (Class of 2014)
Carol Rizzo—Mayor, Neptune Township (Class of 2014)
Dahlia Vertreese—Mayor, Hillside Township (Class of 2016)
Nicole Gillespie – Deputy Mayor, Moorestown Township (Class of 2018)
Catherine Gural – Deputy Mayor, Montgomery Township (Class of 2018)
Cathy Wilson—Deputy Mayor, Morris Township (Class of 2014)
Maureen Byrne—Madison Borough Council (Class of 2014)
Marlene Baldinger—Lebanon Borough Council (Class 2014)
Heather Champagne—Roxbury Township Board of Education (Class of 2016)
Kate Matteson – Sparta Township Board of Education (2017 Boot Camp)
Lauren McCaskill – Long Branch Board of Education (Class of 2018)
Marie Del Cid-Kosso— President, Union County Young Democrats (Class of 2017)